Massage therapy in Morristown


Body In Mind (Morristown, NJ) specializes in a variety of massage and alternative therapies.

Our licensed massage therapists perform therapeutic massage, myofascial, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, cupping, Thai, reflexology, reiki, prenatal & post-natal massage, and ear candling.

Body In Mind has been open since the year 2000 and is owned by Rachel Sieradzki LMT, MSW.

Body In Mind was born out of a passion to help people move deeper into themselves, correcting imbalances and opening blocked pathways in the body. At Body In Mind we focus on promoting holistic wellness, injury prevention and ease of movement in both the body and mind.

We are facilitators of health and healing, with the intent to trigger your own body’s response to heal itself. Our therapists follow your body and your individual needs, promoting homeostasis by unblocking stuck pathways in the body, and leading to an increase in whole body function.

All massages are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client we see. This specialised care is absolutely necessary to truly address the individual concerns that each client brings to the massage table, while also leading to a more holistic approach and better therapeutic treatment.

All are welcome.